Most of the times we start to learn programming in C, we try to master it and then dive into C++, which is a little bit time taking process and sometimes we feel like its a long way to go before we jump on to C++, isn’t it ?

since C has became a subset of C++, “all C programs are also C++ programs, but not all C++ programs are C programs” then why don’t we learn C in a process of learning C++ ? or why don’t we learn both C and C++ in parallel ? so that we can achieve (one short, two birds) the below:

  • Save some time.
  • Easily understand the Procedural and Object-Oriented Programming.
  • Understanding the dividing line between C and C++ and much more.

This is what exactly what we try to achieve here, let us learn both C and C++ simultaneously.

We know we all don’t have too much time so, we try to keep the content of each topic short, simple and precise.



First Program


Data Types

Modifying Data Types


Qualifiers - const